The Italian Laundry Adventure

Today I attempted to do my first load of laundry while in Italy, which turned out to be quite the struggle.  The act of doing laundry here takes an eternity.  Washing wasn’t too much of an ordeal-that only took an hour.  No, washing was nothing.  Drying, on the other hand- that’s a different story entirely.  The dryer is more of a glorified dehumidifier.  You have to pull out this drawer that collects all the water and empty it multiple times for it to work.  One drying cycle took every bit of two hours.  When I went down to take my clothes out, everything was still wet.  I then spent another hour running another cycle which still left the majority of my clothes damp, and in this process the dryer took one of my socks captive.  At this point I gave up and decided to just hang everything out to dry around the villa – which took some creative thinking.

The real kicker is that I only brought about two weeks worth of clothes, so this is only the beginning of the “Sarah vs. the shitty dryer” saga.

My sock’s whereabouts are still unknown.

On another note, It has been raining here for literally 3 days now, and it doesn’t look like its going to stop anytime soon.  Luckily we live so far up on this hill that my ears pop every time I walk into town.


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