Dinner with Barbara

Tonight we went out to dinner withe Barbera, our Italian teacher visiting from Clemson.  We went to I Tre Mieri in Portico Antico, which means The Three Blackbirds.  We had such a delicious meal! We started with their vino lovale, a house red and white, which were both wonderful. For our meal, we started with two antipasto: la farinata di ceci and la foccaccia allo stracchino.  La farinata de ceci was made with chick peas and baked and the foccacciia allo stracchino was like an Italian version of a quesadilla but 1000x better!


Our Primo was trofie al pesto and pansotti alla salsa di noci.  Trofie is the typical Genovese pasta and it was served with pasta, which is what Genoa is known for.  The Pansotti alla salsa di noci was a tortellini like pasta served in a cream sauce. Noci means walnuts, i’m not sure if they came into play in the sauce or filling of the pasta but either way they were delicious!


For our secondo, we had a choice of il pesce l’orata al forno con patate e olive nere, carne tagliata di manzo con patate, and involtini di vitello con patate.  The fish was a local fish and dish that is popular in Genoa.  The second option was a roast beef dish, and the third was veal rolled with cheese in the middle.  I picked the veal and it was absolutely divine! Probably the best i’ve ever eaten.


For dessert we had gelato e torta di cicolate. Which was like a chocolate brownie with ice cream.  Just like everything else, this was also delicious.


Please excuse the horrible photo quality, there was A LOT of wine consumed at this dinner.


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