Day Trip 2 – Palazzi di Genova

Today we visited all of the palaces in Genoa with Giuditta.  One street in particular that contains most of the palaces is the Strada Nuova, or new street.  Now called Via Garibaldi, this is arguably one of the most beautiful streets in Genoa.

Guiditta, who is always full of information, told us all about the design of these palaces, and we went into most of them.  They were all pretty amazing, and all very different.  My favorite part of the day was when we went up to the roof of the Palazzo Rosso and had a view of the whole city.

To end the day, we visited the Palazzo Principe, or Prince’s Palace.  This was a large residence that Andrea Doria built on what used to be the edge of the harbor.  Although Genoa never had a royal family, Andrea Doria is referred to as “the prince.”  He was a decorated sailor and Admiral who lived well into his nineties. He had a large part in the reestablishment of the Republic of Genoa and restoring the city’s role as an important port in the Mediterranean.

I really enjoy these day trips with Giuditta because they definitely excite my inner history nerd.   I love learning the history behind all the buildings we visit.


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