Project 3 – Building Analytique

Today we had our review for our third project of the semester.  We were assigned a piazza in Genoa’s city center in which we were supposed to pick a building facade to analyze.  I was assigned Piazza Matteotti in which i chose to analyze the Jesuit Church.  Instead of analyzing the facade of the church, I concentrated on the bell tower, il campanaria, which stuck out to me because it is so different from any of the other bell towers of other Genovese churches.  I also analyzed the various domes of the church.  In addition to the main dome, la cupola, there are six smaller domes that are situated over six side chapels that run parallel to the naive.  These smaller domes peaked my interest because they are barely visible from behind the facade of the building.

I am actually really happy with how this project turned out.  In project 2, an analytique of an element of the villa, I was really unhappy with my final drawing because I felt like it wasn’t fully developed and I missed the point of the analytique.  In this project, I felt like I created a true analytique that was successful in conveying the story I was telling through this building.

Here’s my final drawing.


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