Relaxing weekend at the villa

This past weekend the majority of us stayed home at the villa.  We all had a much needed week of relaxation. It was kinda rainy outside so we all watched movies and slept.  It was great to just be lazy for a weekend!  Actually, I ended up writing the majority of my two final papers for the semester, but somehow I still feel as if I did nothing all weekend.

The excitement of the weekend came Friday morning when we found out that there was a landslide in the countryside that disrupted the natural gas line that supplies the city of Genoa.  Because of this, the city was rationing their use of gas, meaning we had no heat and hot water, and had to use the stove sparingly.  So we were all a bunch of smelly, greasy people this weekend-nobody left the villa!

The one time we did leave the villa was Saturday night. We finally went to the restaurant at the end of the funicular line, Ristorante Montallegro al Righi. It was as great as everyone had made it out to be.  The menu was handwritten, as it changes all the time.  I had some kind of meat ravioli, which was wonderful.  For dessert I had a apple and pineapple tort, which was so good.  I really hope we have a chance to go back before the end of the semester!



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