Day trip to Carrara and Pisa

    Today we visited Carrara and Pisa.  At 7:30 we were off in our baby bus to Carrara.  Our first stop was at the marble museum,  Museo del Marmo.  This was interesting to see how the marble is quarried and see a collection of all different times of marble from around the world.   After the museum we drove up to the marble quarries, where we had a private tour inside one of the cave quarries that were currently being worked.  The quarry is accessible through train tunnels that pass under the mountains above the city of Carrara-which are made entirely from white marble, by the way.  At the specific quarry we visited, three separate companies were excavating the marble.  One atop the mountain and two inside the mountain-one excavating up and one excavating down.  Hearing the process of how this is all done was really mind-blowing.  Our guide inside the quarry was pretty funny and was very informative.

We then drove to Pisa.  As we were leaving Carrara it began to rain, which was expected from what we saw on the weather forecast.   The weather also said that there was a zero percent chance of rain in Pisa, but the rain continued on our drive to Pisa a got even worse-at one point it was even hailing.  Once we arrived in Pisa the weather started clearing up, and after we stopped for lunch the skies were perfectly blue.  We went up to the top of the Leaning Tower and then visited both the baptistry and the cathedral.   I had been to Pisa before but was unable to go up to the top of the tower, so that was pretty exciting.

It’s really strange to think that we only have one last day trip left this semester!IMG_3678leaning tower PisaIMG_3686IMG_3698IMG_3699


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