our last day trip of the semester-Lucca

Kat began the morning by blasting that john legend song ‘good morning’ and ‘it’s a great day to be alive’ over the tv stereo, so obviously it was going to be a great day.  We drove to Lucca and first stopped at Villa Reale di Marlia.  We explored the gardens for a while and then went into the city center of Lucca.  The interesting thing about Lucca is that it is completely surrounded by an intact medieval city wall.  The size of the wall is really impressive and the green spaces that exist around the wall are used as a kind of city park space by the residents of the city.  It was really beautiful to drive around the exterior of the wall on our way into the city.

IMG_4068 IMG_4072 IMG_4088

Villa Reale 2Villa Reale 1

We visited the Cathedral of St. Martin, piazza and church of San Michele, and the Guinigi Palace and Tower.  Close to the end of our day it started to rain…and then it started to really rain.  Actually the more appropriate word would be a downpour.  We were about to go see Piazza Anfiteatro and then walk along the city wall back to were our bus was parked, but we decided to cut the day a little short.  Its pretty funny that we started our day trips with a freezing cold and rainy day in Milan, and ended them with flooding rain in Lucca.


LuccaIMG_4101 IMG_4130

I can’t believe that it’s already our last day trip!  This semester has gone by entirely too fast.  I’ve really enjoyed traveling all over with Giuditta seeing all these cities in Italy.  We only have a week and a half left at the villa before we all leave to go home or travel on our own.  It’s going to be bittersweet leaving Italy but I will be glad to be back home.


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