Arrivederci America, Buongiorno Genova

I arrived in Genoa Tuesday 07 January after a marathon of flights and layovers.  After our first meal at the villa, and 12 hours of sweet, sweet, uninterrupted sleep, I awoke to what felt like a dream.  Wait, am I really living in Italy?  I keep waiting to wake up and be back in Clemson, having imagined the whole thing.


You guys, I’m living in a freaking 19th century mansion! At the top of the steepest city I have ever set eyes on.  No seriously, they have public elevators here.  Nothing in this city could possibly be ADA compliant.  I really question the sanity of whomever decided that this seemed like a good place to settle and form a town.


On Wednesday we ventured into town to go to the ATM and buy some essentials like shampoo.  The hike back up the hill to the villa was treacherous.  I know I’m not in that good of shape, but GOOD LORD i think i would have fallen over dead if we had to go any further.  At least i know all the pasta andbread i consume over the next four months will be cancelled out by all this walking.  Actually, I think hiking is the more appropriate term. Yes, urban hiking.



Today was our first day of classes.  We had studio at 14:30 with Nick and Lucca.  Today was more of an orientation than anything.  Sylvia talked to us about all the rules and how the villa operates.  We assigned chores and met another one of our professors, Guidetta, or ‘Judy’ as we were told to call her.  She will be taking us on our Tuesday field study trips as well as serving as our guide for most of our longer group trips.

Tomorrow we have no classes so myself and some other students are planning to hike further up the hill and explore a bit, before venturing out as a group after lunch to go to the art supply shop and wine store. You know, just stocking up on all the essentials.