soaking up some Santorini sunshine

We’re spending the last part of our vacation on the island of Santorini in Greece.

I’ve all but decided i’m spending my honeymoon here so if you’re out there future husband, you’re gonna have to deal with that!


Santorini still life

Our arrival to the island was nothing short of eventful.  There was a slight issue with the hotel we had booked a month in advance and already paid for…it was closed for the season!  So after an extended taxi ride with a very helpful driver and some choice four letter words screamed over the phone (at ridiculous international rates) to the people at Expedia, they booked us in a gorgeous hotel on a much nicer part of the island.  So after the dust settled and the Zanax kicked in, we actually made out much better.


It was dark when we arrived on the island, so we hadn’t been able to see the view from our hotel.  So we woke up to the sun shining and an amazing view of the sea and the volcanic islands of Santorini in front of us.  After a much needed good nights sleep, we ventured into the capital of the island, Thira.  We stopped for lunch, and naturally I ended up getting a gyro-which was delicious, go figure.  This was Laurie’s last day with us before she went on to visit Rome by herself for a few days.  So after lunch and exploring the city, we grabbed a few bottles of local wine and caught a taxi back to the hotel to spend the afternoon relaxing outside in the sun.

20140306-114803.jpg20140306-114750.jpgAfter relaxing and enjoying the company of our new feline friend who we named Rocky, we got ready to go into the town of Oia to watch the sunset and have dinner.  The sunset was beautiful but after it went down, it got very cold so we hurried to a nearby restaurant to warm up and have dinner.  We ended up at this lovely place called Lotza.  It was just a small family-owned restaurant that had delicious food!



For the next two days, mom and I enjoyed the last of our time together for a while by drinking way too much wine out on the porch in the Aegean sunshine, eating some delicious food and spoiling our little stray cat friend.  Anyone who knows me well enough knows how much I despise cats.  This little guy had the spirit of a dog, i swear- and he didn’t even make me sneeze or give me a rash.




Afternoon atop the Acropolis


We dedicated our second day in Athens to the Acropolis, and rightfully so.  I could have spent all day exploring the area.  It was so amazing!  I just wish everything wasn’t being restored and covered in scaffolding, but what can you do.



Temple of Nike AcropolisIMG_9848IMG_9967

After visiting the actual Acropolis, we went to see the collection at the Acropolis Museum. Before visiting the museum, we grabbed lunch at the cafe on the roof. I had this really amazing chic pea salad with sun dried tomatoes.  and of course, I had a mid-afternoon cappuccino to push through the rest of the day.



I love, love, loved this museum.  It was designed by Bernard Tschumi and I was just so impressed with how closely the building and the collection were tied together.  The entire top floor houses the Parthenon frieze, and is laid out exactly as it would have been if it were still atop the Acropolis.

Acropolis museum reflection

After the museum we returned to the area of our hotel to do some shopping before we headed to the airport to fly to Santorini.

Overall I was really impressed with Athens.  I had low expectations of the city from friends who had visited in the past, but I have nothing bad to say about the city.  We had a lovely time there- I only wish we had a few more days.

καλημέρα Αθήνα – Good morning Athens

We arrived in Athens around midday today. We checked in to our lovely hotel, Electra Palace, located at the base of the Acropolis.

We had a light lunch and wine in the hotel lobby before heading to the Archeological Museum, the only tourist spot open on ‘Clean Monday’- which is apparently the kickoff to the Greek Easter season.
The National Archeological Museum was amazing, but they closed early for the holiday and we did not have enough time to finish seeing the collection.
Being the small world that it is, we managed to run into my classmates Kat, Emily, Lisa, Ally, Colleen and Sarah in the museum.
We found a cute place in Plaka, our neighborhood, for dinner. We just ordered a few appetizers and a bottle of wine, that way we got to try a little bit of everything. We had dolmas, fried feta, and spetsofai which was a spicy sags age mixed with peppers and tomato sauce. It was all delicious!



20140306-112012.jpg We also had a traditional Greek desert the waiter recommended, which was like cold cream of wheat with cinnamon and nutmeg on top. No one else liked it, but I grew up eating cream of wheat with cinnamon for breakfast so I loved it! After dinner we did a little souviner shopping and walked around the very nice area of Plaka. Later we went to a cafe to get some baklava and ouzo.