Napoli e Pompeii…and blah blah blah

I think the buzzword for our trip to Naples would have to be “sketchy”.

A when we arrived at the train station, we met our driver Massimo, who led us to a fleet of blacked out Mercedes vans and hurriedly ushered us in (sketchy…). We pealed out like we were in a scene from a movie.  If I ever felt like I was going to get “taken” it was at this moment. Our hotel in Naples was absolutely amazing! The city of Naples? not my favorite, but they do know how to make some damn good pizza!

On our way to dinner in Naples, we walked by the duomo and decided to pop inside for a short visit.  We ended up mistakenly taking a guided tour of the entire church when a man approached Nick’s wife Megan and asked her if she wanted a guide.  She thought he meant maybe a map or a pamphlet, but he really meant a guided tour given by himself! Although it was a little sketchy (he did, however, have a very official looking “Basilica di Napoli” jacket), this turned out to be a happy accident.  It was a really cool building and it was exciting to hear all about this history.  After giving him a small donation our lovely guide slipped out the side door of the church (sketchy again…) and we carried on to our dinner destination.  We went to a pizzeria called Presidente, which was amazing.  I ordered the buffalina pizza and enjoyed every bite.



In the morning we were supposed to go to Pompeii, but there was a strike so we had to postpone our visit until the afternoon.  After some shuffling of the schedule by our guide for the day, Fiorella, we ended up going to the Archeological Museum of Naples which houses many artifacts from the excavations of Pompeii and other cities that were destroyed in the eruption of Vesuvius.  This museum was huge, and had so much interesting stuff, from mosaics to frescos to sculptures.  As entertaining as the objects in the museum were, I think Fiorella was more entertaining.  She was so full of energy and I thought it was hilarious how she seemed to end all her sentences in “and blah blah blah.” After the museum we went to another pizzeria. (I’m starting to think the title of my Florence blog applies here too…)  This time i had a margarita pizza, which was equally delicious as the one the night before.

IMG_9246 IMG_9253IMG_9262


After lunch we took a private bus out to Pompeii.  We got rained on for a little while, but for the most part the weather held up and made for some very cool photos.  Pompeii is another place I could literally spend days at and not get bored.  There is so much to see, and we only saw a small portion of the city.  It’s so interesting to me how advanced the people of Pompeii were for their time.  Everything functioned so similar to any modern city.



I really enjoyed this portion of the trip, but I’m really looking forward to our time in Rome. Mostly because the weather is supposed to be much nicer.  I think we’ve all just about had it with all this rain. Bring on the sunshine!