A perfect day for Como

Despite coming down Monday night with what I’m pretty sure is the flu, this Tuesday we spent the entire day looking at the works of Giuseppe Terragni a famous Italian architect. Terragni was involved in the futurist movement and was a founding member of Grouppo 7, and worked closely with the Fascist party.
While we were all distracted by the unusual 65 degree weather and the possibility of a George Clooney sighting, we saw seven different works in and around the town of Como. We visited two private residences: Villa Bianca and the Casa Bianchi.  We then saw the Monumento al Caduti next to Lake Como.  Next we visited two apartment projects: the Novocomum and the Giuliani-Frigerio Apartment Building.  Later in the day we went to Erba to see the Monumento al Caduti Erba Incino, which is a WWI memorial.  We then came back into Como to see the Casa del Fascio and the Asilo D’Infanzia Sant’Elia which is a nursery school. These were all buildings that we studied in Sevario’s class and will be writing about for our final papers. My building is the nursery school.  I’m excited, after visiting my building, to begin researching the design.  It seems like more thought than usual was put into the interaction between the children and the building, and I find that really interesting.


Monumento al Caduti Erba Incino_