A Day in Graz

Today we were up early to travel from Vienna to Graz by train.  The Austrian railway is so much nicer than any of the trains I’ve been on in Italy.  We rode though the countryside, which was so picturesque, and arrived in Graz around 11:30.  Our hotel was literally right in front of the train station.  We went into the city center of Graz and had lunch before starting a relaxing day of touring.  We mostly saw some very modern architecture, because Graz has been named a UNESCO city of design.  There were a lot of buildings that were ultra modern in their design, nestled into this historical Austrian town.  Somehow they didn’t seem too out of place.

The first building we visited was the Kunsthaus Graz.  This was a really crazy building.  The best way for me to describe it would be to say in looks like some kind of slug, alien blob that crashed into a building.  Underneath the skin of the building are rings of LED lights that can be controlled to create low-definition images that are then projected onto the skin.  Inside we saw some temp array exhibits that were pretty interesting, but the main feature was no doubt the building itself.

Afterwards we walked down the river to (insert name here), which is a cafe and playground combined with a bridge that is suspended over the river.  Then we went to a building that housed music and theatre programs for the university in Graz.  This building was super weird looking from the outside but the inside was really cool.  While walking back to the city center, we stopped for a break in one of the parks.  We then walked up to the top of the hill, where the famous clock tower of the city stands.  From up there you could see the entire city and we watched the sunset before walking back down to get dinner and return to the hotel for a good nights sleep before another early morning of traveling.

IMG_1607Graz reflectedIMG_1681IMG_1687IMG_1713IMG_1717IMG_1784