Andiamo a Torino!

Today we went to Torino.  This was the last major city in Italy I had not visited, so I was really looking forward to this trip.  This was such a beautiful city.  There was so much space compared to other Italian cities.  We had beautiful views of the Alps early in the day before the sky clouded up.


We walked down Via Roma to Piazza San Carlo where we saw the twin Baroque churches, San Carlo and Santa Christina.



Next we visited the Church of San Lorenzo.  This was a really beautiful Baroque church.  The longer we sat inside, the more interesting things I discovered within the church.  There were these cool voids in the four corners of the church that revealed paintings if you shine a light inside.


We then went to Palazzo Madama.  This was really freaking cool. Basically, the “Madama” wanted a more updated and fancy looking palace.  So she had one side of the existing Medieval castle and added a modern palace facade facing the square. The result is pretty bizarre.


Next we went to Palazzo Carignano, which was probably my favorite building of the day.  I fell in love with the facade, which was all brick, shaped and formed to create the detail and curves of Baroque style.  It was beautiful!


We attempted to go to the Mole Antonelliana, but there were too many school groups already booked for the day so we had to skip it.  This building was designed as a Jewish Synagogue, but is now home to the Museo del Cinema.


Finally we visited the Fiat Lingotto factory.  This was another very cool building.  Originally the Fiat manufacturing headquarters, it is now a shopping and event center that was redesigned by Renzo Piano.  On the roof of the building is the “test track” on which every Fiat made there used to be tested.  The entire assembly process followed this cool circulation that occurred from the ground floor up to the top for testing, and back down to the ground level where it was loaded onto a train behind the factory.  The poetry that went into designing this building is really beautiful.


I realize this blog is really exposing my architecture nerd side…

So time for some non-architecture related story telling.  Before leaving the factory and heading to the train station, Emily and I went to go use the restroom.  We told two of our classmates where we were going and not to leave without us.  When we came out, they were nowhere to be seen.  After about 10-15 minutes of wandering around, thinking maybe they noticed we were gone and were waiting for us somewhere, we decided to walk to the train station.  We arrived to find out that they only realized we were missing when they got to the station.  Luckily we were competent enough to know to just meet them at the station, otherwise this would have been a mess! So all 17 of us made it back to the villa safe and sound.