two planes, a bus, a train and a taxi later…

…I’m back in Genoa!
As relaxing as my vacation was I’m glad to be back “home”.  Everyone else got back to the villa Sunday night or this afternoon, so it was very strange being here Saturday night and most of Sunday alone.  On the bright side, there was no line to use the washer and dryer for once!

So after editing an enormous amount of pictures, doing laundry, and finishing up my blogs while catching up on my long list of American TV shows that I’m addicted to, its nice to get back into the swing of things.  I cant believe that the semester is already halfway over!  Time has really flown by and I’m just trying to squeeze every last bit of fun and travel into my time left here.

This weekend I’m going to Dublin for the true St. Patrick’s Day experience, so hopefully I will come back alive/in one piece. The following week my roommate Sarah will be coming to visit, which is really exciting because i really miss all my friends from home!  So get ready to have a fun two days in exciting Genoa, Sarah! (shout outs now that I know you read this  haha!)


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